STS Minor Information

FACULTY: Seth, S., Chair; Hilgartner, S.; Leuenberger, C.; Power, A.G.; Prentice, R.; Pritchard, S.; Ratcliff, J.; Sengers, P.; Slayton, R.; Ziewitz, M. 

The undergraduate minor in Science & Technology Studies (S&TS) is designed for students who wish to engage in a systematic, interdisciplinary exploration of the role of science and technology in modern societies. The minor is intended for students with varied academic interests and career goals. Majors in the natural sciences and engineering have an opportunity to explore the social, political, and ethical implications of their selected fields of specialization, while students majoring in the humanities and social sciences have a chance to study the processes, products and impacts of science and technology from multiple disciplinary perspectives.

The S&TS minor permits students to develop an individualized program of study closely related to their major field. For example, students might use the S&TS minor to further explore issues related to their major by focusing on such topics as computers and society; medicine and society; gender and technology; science and law; biotechnology; science and politics; environmental policy. By choosing courses in S&TS that fit their particular goals, students can individually tailor the minor to provide breadth and depth in areas of special interest. 

To satisfy the requirements for the S&TS minor students must complete with a letter grade of C– or above, a minimum of four courses totaling 15 credits, selected from the course offerings listed for the major. First-year writing seminars are excluded. One course should be at the 3000 or 4000 level. No more than one course can be at the 1000 level. At least TWO courses must be chosen from the following list to fulfill the Core Courses requirement: STS 1101, STS 1102, STS 1941, STS 1942, STS 2011, STS 2051, STS 2061, STS 2071, STS 2921, STS 3011, STS 3031, STS 3111, STS 3121, STS 3181, STS 3561. Students must apply by the end of week 3 in their final semester. Note: Biology and Society majors cannot use more than one course to fulfill requirements for both the BSOC major and the STS minor.

Interested students may obtain an application for the minor and further information about courses by phoning 607-255-3810 or e-mailing Students must apply by the end of week three in their final semester.

S&TS Minor Application