Guidelines for Application to Biology & Society Major

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Fall Enrollment for Biology & Society Major: August 30-September 19

Candidates for admission to the Biology & Society Major must complete a sequence of Introductory Biology, or First Year Biology courses such as (BioG 1105-1106, or two of the following: BioEE 1610 or BioSM 1610; BioG 1440 or BioG 1445; BioMG 1350; BioEE 1780 or BioSM 1780. Students are not required to take BioG 1500, but may wish to for a lab experience. Applications may be submitted during the fall or spring semester of a student's sophomore year, after the student has completed the prerequisites. Sophomores in process of completing introductory biology may apply. They will be admitted provisionally, contingent upon satisfactory completion of this prerequisite.

The application process includes the following steps:

  1. A completed Biology and Society Online Application form consisting of: 

    •  personal and academic information
    •  your elected theme in the Major
    •  a tentative plan of courses that fulfill the Biology & Society requirements, including courses you have taken and those you plan to take.​
  2. A current transcript from Cornell University (and elsewhere if credits are being transferred). Go to to learn how to obtain a transcript. 

Application Dates
Students can apply for the Biology & Society Major from August 30-September 19. When a student is accepted into the Major, the student is assigned a Biology & Society faculty advisor who can assist with course planning. We will only consider students who have submitted complete applications. Applications of students who have not yet completed the biology prerequisites may be deferred until after receipt of a transcript containing grades earned in all prerequisite courses.

Further information may be obtained from:

Undergraduate Program Coordinator:
Matthew Morgan (
303B Morrill Hall, Cornell University
Ithaca, New York 14853
Phone: 607.255.6047

People to contact:
Assistant Professor Jessica Ratcliff, Director of Undergraduate Studies (
Prof. Randy Wayne, Advising Coordinator for CALS (
Undergraduate Coordinator, Matthew Morgan (
Undergraduate Support Specialist, Christine Ward (