Science Studies Reading Group

All sessions will be held on Mondays, 12:15 - 1:15pm in room 423 Morrill Hall.

Fall 2022 Presentation Schedule

September 12

Stephen Hilgartner, Aye Thant, Alena Zhang

New Works in STS: "The Politics of Scaling"

September 19

Owen Marshall

In-Progress Discussion: The Greenidge Bitcoin Mining Controversy

September 26

Suman Seth

Teaching Discussion

October 3

Michiel Bron

Radioactive Knowledge: The Spillover from Oil Geoscientists to the Early Nuclear Industry

October 10

No SSRG - Fall Break


October 17

Martin Abbott

Charismatic Flooding

October 24 Yue Zhao

Clocks of Life: Biorhythms and Information Bodies in China, 1979-1990s

October 31

Andra Sonia Petrutiu

Infrastructures of Postcolonial Modernity: The Technopolitics of Climate Modeling and Supercomputing in India

November 7

Steven Jackson and Matt Ratto

HCI and the Method of Hope

November 14

Benjamin Lipp

The Promise of 'Post-Opioid' Pain Technologies: On the Convergence of Neuro-Modulation, Datafication, and Lifestyle Medicine in the Management of Chronic Pain

November 21

Lilly Pijnenburg Muller

Cybersecurity Rewired: Threats, Unknowns and Sociotechnical Security Practices 

November 28

Shoshana Deutsh

From SARS to COVID-19: Nurses, Knowledge, and Trauma in Toronto, Canada

December 5

Shiju Sam Varughese

Post-Disaster Politics and the Technoscientific Publics: Public Protests of the Survivors of the Endosulfan Pesticide Disaster in Kerala, India