Science Studies Reading Group

All sessions will be held on Mondays, 12:15 - 1:15pm in room 423 Morrill Hall.

Fall 2023 Presentation Schedule

August 28

Suman Seth

Re-Writing Race: Robert Knox, Medical Statistics, and Polytelism

September 4

No SSRG - Labor Day

September 11

New works in STS

September 18

Lilly Muller and Rebecca Slayton

Cyber threat intelligence: visions of intertwined social and technological order

September 25

Faculty and Students

Themes from Trevor-Fest

October 2

Jiuheng He

Immortal AI and mortal human expertise: how do human Go players think of themselves as a machine

October 9 No SSRG - Fall Break
October 16

Martin Abbott, Lissette Lorenz, Amy Cheatle

Growing Relations, Sowing Methods: Multispecies collaboration on a gardening zine

October 23

Jaco de Swart

MIT STS Postdoc: Cleaning a Dark Matter Detector: Ontologies, Normativities, and the Limits of Laboratory Experiments

October 30

Elexis Williams and Amanda Domingues

4S Hawaii: Practice Sessions

November 6

Amanda Domingues

Ethics and Science: consent and universalism in Archaeology

November 13

Ron Kline

AI as Infrastructure, in the Past and the Present

November 20 Vishal Nyayapathi


November 27 Faridah Laffan

The Chronology Question - dissertation prospectus and fellowship draft

December 4

Wanheng Hu

Many Worlds of Trustworthy Machines: Technical, Regulatory, and Clinical Logics of Credible Machine Learning Systems in Medicine