Owen Marshall

Visiting Assistant Professor


Owen Marshall is a postdoctoral researcher at Cornell's Departments of Science & Technology Studies and Information Science, working at the intersection of sound studies, media archaeology, and the sociology of science and technology. His ongoing work concerns the role of emerging media and computing technologies in the transformation of the scientific labor process. As an NSF Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of California - Davis, he studied the role of sound technologies in artistic and scientific practices as part of the project "Sounding Data in Art-Science Collaboration". His NSF-supported doctoral dissertation, "Articulations of Voice, Affect, and Artifact in the Recording Studio" (2017) is an ethnography of signal processing professionals working on digital vocal tuning technologies. He is especially interested in the relation between Marxist theory and Science and Technology Studies, and hosts the regularly-occurring MARX/STS discussion group. 


Marshall, Owen. 2020 “Shibboleths in the Studio: Informal Demarcation Practices Among Audio Engineers”. Social Studies of Science (May 2020): 1-20.

Marshall, Owen. 2019 “Jitter: Clocking as Audible Media”. International Journal of Communication 13 (April 2019): 1846-1862. 

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