Student Awards for 2016

The remarkable accomplishments of students in the College of Arts & Sciences are recognized through awards conferred by our departments and programs. We congratulate our students for the well-deserved honors listed below.


The Freedman Award for Undergraduate Research in Anthropology was awarded to Rabin Willford and Emily McNeill.


The Asian Studies Summer Study, Research, and Service Travel Grants went to Jenny Ding (Japan), Alex Hutchings (Japan), Lauren Levine (Japan, partly funded by the Yasuko Nakanishi-Whitman Memorial Gift Fund for Japanese Language Studies), Matthew Steffanetta (China, partly funded by the Irene M. Anderson Summer Travel Scholarship for culture study and experience in East Asia), Lisa Malloy (Japan), and Reid Wade (Japan).

The Robert J. Smith/Russell Mann Gift for top beginning and intermediate Japanese language students was awarded to Jenny Chen, Katherine Paige Estoque, Michael Mauer, and Sailun Xu.  The Outstanding Performance Award for intermediate Japanese language went to Xinyi Wang.

The Korean Language Program Award for three years of hard work, dedication, and love of learning the Korean language went to Jerry Lu, Helen He, and Sonal Rastogi. 

For Outstanding Achievement at the Post-Secondary Level of Japanese Language Study, the Japanese National Honor Society College Chapter recognizes Christian Choi, Daniel Hughes, Jung-Ju Lee, and Ian Prager.


The Cranson and Edna B. Shelley Graduate Research Award, given to a graduate student to recognize outstanding accomplishment in astronomical research, went to Michael Lam.

The Cranson and Edna B. Shelley Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award, given to a graduate student in recognition of outstanding performance as a teaching assistant, went to Jack Madden.

The Eleanor York Prize, given to a graduate student to reward service to the community as well as academic achievement, went to Thea Kozakis.

The Cranson and Edna B. Shelley prize for Undergraduate Research went to Wenrui Xu.


The ACS Cornell Section Undergraduate Research Award for seniors was awarded to Joaquin Alzola, Jared Mohr, and Yiran Wang.

The George C. Caldwell Prize was awarded to Christopher Huck and You-Chi Wu.

The Leo and Berdie Mandelkern Prize for seniors was awarded to Peter Csernica.

The Merck Index Award for seniors was awarded to Stephanie Wisner.

The Harold Adlard Lovenberg Prize for juniors was awarded to Shivansh Chawla.

The Tunis Wentink Prize for graduate students was awarded to Cathy DeBlase, Zhewang Lin, and Ashley Stingel.

 The Howard Neal Wachter Memorial Prize for graduate students was awarded to Eric Fuemmeler, Won Jung, and Corinne Isaac.

The Bayer Teaching Excellence Award for graduate students was awarded to Matt Church, Veronika Kottisch, Changfan Lin, Amnon Ortoll-Bloch, and Yuhui Zhou.

The Robert W. Work Award went to Mengyuan Jin.

The Frank L. and Lynnet Douglas Fellowship for Underrepresented Minority Undergraduates was awarded to Hendryck Gellineau and Jaclyn Lunger.

The Gerald A. Hill and Kathleen Holmes Hill Fellowship for Undergraduate Summer Research was awarded to Sanjna Surya.

The Bauer Scholarship Award was awarded to Joseph Haegele, Ornella Nelson, James Pastore, David Vaccarello, Richard Walroth, and Eshan Mitra.

China & Asia-Pacific Studies

The Cochran Prize given to students for outstanding work in the China & Asia-Pacific Studies major that best exemplifies Professor Sherman Cochran’s dedication to the study of China was awarded to Charles Austin Jordan and Fredrick Dallas Jordan.


The Classics Department Book Prizes, given to those students with excellent scholarly records, went to Colleen Faith Cournoyer, Emma Rachel Harman, and Avichai Natanel Kapach.

Christopher Samuel Erdman and John Timothy Hall have received Harry Caplan Travel Fellowships to study and conduct research in Italy and Rome, respectively.

Funding fellowships for study at the Paideia Institute in Rome were awarded to Lyubov Kiriakidi and Francesca LaPasta.


The Excellence in Teaching Award for outstanding work as a teaching assistant went to graduate students Samuel D. Chamberlain and Nicholas A. Mason.

The Robert H. Whittaker Award, given in recognition of the best oral presentation by a graduate student(s) at the Annual Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Graduate Student Symposium, went to Fiona Soper, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (advised by Jed Sparks), for her presentation “Estimating nitrogen fixation in a leguminous tree:  A mass balance approach using a woody encroachment chronosequence.”

The Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Book Award, given in recognition of the best oral presentation by a beginning (first- or second-year) Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department/Field graduate student at the Annual Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Graduate Student Symposium, went to Natalie Hofmeister, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (advised by Irby Lovette), for her presentation “Environmental fluctuations influence the evolution of the glucocorticoid receptor in African starlings.”


The Uri M. Possen Memorial Award for the best undergraduate honors thesis went to Jin Han Kim.

The Tapan Mitra Economics Prize for Development Economics went to Zi Xian Sheryl Lim.

The Tapan Mitra Economics Prize for Financial Economics went to Hahyun Hwang.

The Tapan Mitra Economics Prize for Industrial Organization went to Tianwang Liu.

The Tapan Mitra Economics Prize for International Finance went to Shohini Kundu.

The Law and Economics Award went to Nicholas Piccone. 

The Emerging Market Finance Award was awarded to Yixi Yang.

The Health Economics Award went to Alina Dvorovenko.

The Financial Economics Award went to Rittik Rao.

The Public Policy Award went to Samantha Kaplan.

The Service to Department Award went to David Ko.

The Excellence in Coursework Award went to Christopher Mills. 

The L.R. "Red" Wilson M.A. '67 Excellence in Economics Medal to support thesis proposal, research, and writing was awarded to graduate students Thomas Eisenberg and Andrew Fieldhouse.

The Louis Walinsky Fund in Economics Outstanding Teaching Award in Honor of Professor Herbert Joseph Davenport went to graduate students Jorgen Harris and Malin Hu.

The Ernest Liu Family Outstanding Teaching Award went to graduate students Daniel Reeves and Naveen Sunder.

The Howard and Abby Milstein Graduate Teaching Assistanceship Award went to graduate students Nobuyuki Kanazawa and Janos Zsiros.

The Anindya (Bappu) Majumder '98 Memorial Prize for Excellence in Teaching was awarded to graduate student Andrew Fieldhouse.

The Ernest Liu ‘64, Ta-Chung and Ya-Chao Liu Memorial Fellowship, which funds graduate student tuition, stipend, and health insurance for a full academic year, was awarded to graduate student Lin Xu.

The Tapan Mitra Economics Prize went to graduate students Vesall Nourani and Maxwell Kiniria.


The Martin Sampson Teaching Fellowship acknowledges the importance of one of the most vital parts of the profession of literature, the teaching of writing and reading to undergraduates. The recipients were graduate students Nicolette Bragg, Michaela Brangan, Molly Katz, Danielle Morgan, Nancy Quintanilla, and Claire Whitenack.

The Joseph F. Martino '53 Lectureship in Undergraduate Teaching, which supports English graduate student seminars offering some form of a literary historical survey in the framework of a writing course, was awarded to Alex Harmon.

The Meyer H. Abrams Summer Graduate Fellowship, which provides a summer stipend to support work towards completion of an English dissertation, went to Kaylin O’Dell.

The Shin Yong-Jin Graduate Fellowship, for demonstrated excellence in scholarship and teaching, went to Jesse Goldberg.

The Truman Capote Ph.D. Writers' Fund, providing summer fellowships for Ph.D. students in English who are also poets or fiction writers, went to Emily Rials.

The James McConkey Master of Fine Arts Creative Writing Award for Summer Support, Established by His Enduringly Grateful Student, Len Edelstein '59, was awarded to graduate student Samson Jardine.

The David L. Picket '84 Summer Fellowship in Creative Writing was awarded to graduate students Vincent Hiscock, Samson Jardine, Aurora Masum-Javed, Corey Williams, Lena Nguyen, Kristen Saracini, Christine Vines and Tess Wheelwright.

The Alan Young-Bryant Memorial Graduate Award in Poetry went to graduate student Ruoji Tang.

The Corson-Browning Poetry Prize was awarded to graduate students Ezra Dan Feldman for “Blue Cohosh” and Matthew Kilbane for “Words for a Telecaster.” 

The Robert Chasen Memorial Poetry Prize was awarded to: 1st place, undergraduate student Phoebe Hering for “Painted Window”; 2nd place, graduate student Aurora Masum-Javed for “Fine Lines”; and honorable mention, to graduate student Vincent Hiscock for “Missive.”

The Dorothy Sugarman Poetry Prize was awarded to undergraduate student James Blanton Shealy for “Blood Orange.”

The Arthur Lynn Andrews Prize graduate student winners were: 1st place, Shane Kowalski for “The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln”; and 2nd place, Tess Wheelwright for “Hasta La Madre.” The Arthur Lynn Andrews Prize undergraduate winners were: 1st place, Yusong Liu for “Orange Juice Is All I Have Left”; and 2nd place, Jessica Chu for “Memorials.”  The Arthur Lynn Andrews Prize honorable mentions were awarded to undergraduate students Frank Royal Menz for “The Horse” and Fiona M. Woods for “Absence.”

The George Harmon Coxe Award in American Literature was awarded to Joshua Barber for “Reverberation, sonic being, echo, and undulation in Nathaniel Mackey's poetry”; Emily Foster for “Muriel Rukeyser and T.S. Eliot : Elegies and The Waste Land”; Jeanne Kessira for “Human-like Animals and Animal-like Humans: Linking the Human and Wild Worlds in the Witchcraft Trials of New England”; and Jacob Wang for “Figures of Relation, or Specularity, in Sylvia Plath’s ‘Morning Song.’”

The Guilford Essay Prize, given to the doctoral student in any field whose thesis is judged to display the highest excellence in English prose, went to Hayden S. Kantor (Anthropology) for “‘We Earn Less than We Eat’: Food, Farming, and the Caring Family in Bihar, India.”

The Barnes Shakespeare Prize co-winners were Emily Foster for “What’s Love Got to Do with It? The Salience of Ceremony in King Lear” and Jacob Wang for “Inheritance as The Law of Nature/The Nature of Law in King Lear.”

The M. H. Abrams Thesis Prize went to John Fitzgerald, “‘Sweet Intercourse’: The Emergence of the Political in Paradise Lost”; Madeline Salinas, “Reading Repetition: Type, Trope and Trauma in Paradise Lost”; and James Toomey; “‘All Made The One Way’: Nationalism, Purpose and Universal Human Nature in James Joyce's Ulysses.”

The Moses Coit Tyler Award for the best essay by a graduate or undergraduate student in the fields of American History, literature, or folklore went to John Wyatt Greenlee for “Eight Islands on Four Maps: The Cartographic Renegotiation of Hawai’i, 1876-1959” and Emily Foster for “Muriel Rukeyser and T.S. Eliot : Elegies and The Waste Land.”


The First-Year Writing Seminar Award went to Ozum Hatipoglu, doctoral candidate, Department of Performing and Media Arts, for her course “Technologies of Desire,” and Benjamin Tam, doctoral candidate, Department of English, for his course “Intimacy Unleashed.”


The Goethe Prize is awarded annually for the best essays on any topic connected with German literature or culture. In the Freshman and Sophomore category, first place went to Jonathan Collazo, sophomore in the College of Arts & Sciences, for "Lenz’s Claustropobia.”  Second place went to Clio Ariane Bowers, freshman in the College of Arts & Sciences, for “Une oeuvre extremement belle, une oeuvre qui compte.”  In the Junior and Senior category, first place went to Jacob Wang, junior in the College of Arts & Sciences, for "On Benjamin’s Philosophy of History." Second place went to Patrick Braga, junior in the College of Architecture, Art & Planning, for "Life, Subjectivity, and Utility in Bach Historiography." Third  place went to Austin Ward, junior in the College of Arts & Sciences, for “Losing Lenz: Against Time, Sleep, and Self.”

The Simmons Award in German, given to the student who has done the "best work in German," went to sophomore Leighton Cook.

Book prizes are given to outstanding students nominated by their German instructors. The books are donated to the Department of German Studies by the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany.  The recipients were: Susannah Oberly, Peter Baker, Allyson Evans, Jaidev Singh, Sarah Chandler, Maria Jeldes, Ryan Ramano, Griffin Smith-Nichols, Elena Mandry, Joel Frankfurt, Elizabeth Schmucker, Winston Lee, Yu Lou, Nathaniel Williams, Michaela Novakova, Juliane Scholtz, Caitlin Wischermann, Saaj Chattopadhyay, Sean Cronan, Taylor Kujawa, Marta Maksymyuk, Tyler Nierstedt, Jared Gurba, Sara Hudson, Alice Choi, Nia Williams, Tingting Gu, Griffin Smith-Nicols, Alexandra (Ali) Bergmann, Margaret Ruiming Jia, Michaela Novakova, Sam Barnum, Melanie Kauffeld, and Leighton Cook.

The Language Certificate in German Language Study for having achieved an advanced level of language competence through course work at the 3000 level corresponding to the criteria set by The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (level B2+) was awarded to Edward Francis Klimowicz, Caitlin Johanna Wischermann, R. Delphi Cleaveland, Leighton Fernando Cook, Constanza Andrea Arévalo, Anjum Malik, Melissa Lucia Sarmiento, and Melanie Kauffeld.


The Clyde A. Duniway Prize, given to an outstanding student with a major in Government, was awarded to Caitlan Sussman.

The Sherman-Bennett Prize for the best essay discussing the principles of free government was awarded to Nathan Jacobson.

The Kasdan-Montessori Peace Prize for the best essay on the problems of securing peace in the world was awarded to James Toomey.

The Lieutenant David Chrystall Prize for the best essay or treatise dealing with diplomacy, international relations or the preservation of peace was awarded to Michael Alter.

The Janice N. and Milton J. Esman Undergraduate Prize for outstanding undergraduate scholarship was awarded to Benjamin Leff.


The Undergraduate Messenger Chalmers Prize for best thesis essay on research and thinking on human progress was awarded to Emily Berman, Nicole Picket and Anne Powell.

The 2016 Messenger Chalmers graduate prize for best dissertation essay on research and thinking on human progress was awarded to Ryan Edwards and Mate Rigo.

The Cornelius W. DeKiewiet Prize to the outstanding history majors who have demonstrated unusual promise and excellence in the field was awarded to John Hall, Rachel Mitnick, and Aurora Rojer.

The Clyde A. Duniway Book Prize for the best graduating student in the College of Arts and Sciences was awarded to Zoe Jackson.

The Bernard and Fannie Lang Prize for the best honors thesis in U.S. History or American Studies was awarded to Nicole Picket.

The Anne Macintyre Litchfield Prize to outstanding women graduating with a major in history was awarded to Zoe Jackson and Emily Sen.

The George S. Lustig Prize, awarded to the outstanding senior who intends to continue the study of history at the graduate level, went to Anne Powell.

The Benard E. West Prize, awarded competitively to the most promising undergraduate research scholar specializing in American history, went to Emily Berman and Kevin March.

The Moses Coit Tyler Award for the best essay by a graduate and/or undergraduate student in the fields of American History, literature, or folklore went to Emily Foster and John Wyatt Greenlee.


The Sampson Fine Arts Prize, given to the member of the senior class who has consistently demonstrated academic excellence, commitment, and achievement, particularly in the field of the history of art, was awarded to Max Murphy.


Fall 2015 Awards:

The Adelphic Award went to Tarannum Sarwat Sahar for “An Intricate Quandary: Will Resettlement of Refugees Threaten National Security?” Abigail Zhangmin Chen received honorable mention for “Power, Priests and Politics: The Interdependence of Political and Religious Realms in the Hebrew Bible.”

The Spencer Portfolio Award for Students and Instructors was awarded to Xiaokai Ye, student, and Joseph Giacomelli, instructor, for “Portfolio Application: Student Statement.”

The Gertrude Spencer Prize for Students and Instructors was awarded to Zoey Costanzo, student, and Ethan Jost, instructor, for “Anatomy Is Not Destiny.”

The James F. Slevin Assignment Sequence Prize was awarded to Sahas Barve for “Blogs: Bulletpoints and a Bird’s Eye View of Science.” Honorable mention went to Edward Curran for “Interpretive Object Labels: Condensing In-depth Analytical Essays into Concise Texts” and John Wyatt Greenlee for “Exploring the Geographies of Cornell.”

The Knight Prize for Expository Writing was awarded to Patrick Casey for “Gritty White Guys: A Love Story.” Honorable mention went to Stephanie Parker for “Excuse Me, Was You Saying Something? Uh Uh, You Can't Tell Me Nothing: The Contradictions of Mr. West.”

The Writing in the Majors Award went to Sarah Novello for “A Misplaced Focus on the Individual Resulting in an Improperly Contextualized Analysis.”

The John S. Knight Award for Writing Exercises and Handouts went to Daniel Bret Leraul for “Formal Analysis” and Danielle Wu for “Writing an Effective Introduction.” Honorable mention went to Andrew Waxman for “Applying Rhetorical Structure from ‘They Say, I Say.’”

The Buttrick-Crippen Fellowships were awarded to Darragh Hare for “Why are Environmental Problems so Difficult to Solve” and Peter DelNero for “Dimensions of Cancer”

The Neil Lubow Prizes were awarded to Kian Wee Kevin Goh for “The Justification of Punishment” and Reece Wilcox for “Historical Analysis of Skid Road in Vancouver BC.”

Spring 2016 Awards:

The Adelphic Award went to Linfeng Shen for “’The Justice of Islam:’ A Critical Review.” 

The James E. Rice, Jr. Prizes were awarded to Amanda Coate for “The Gods of Hölderlin and Celan ‘Patmos,’ ‘Tenebrae,’ and Celan’s Negation of Hölderlin’s Notion of the Divine.” and to Daniel Jack Jones for “Aristocratic Claims to Violence in ‘The Song of Roland and Meier Helmbrecht.’” Cheyenne Biolsi received honorable mention for “The Vampires Evolution.”

The Spencer Portfolio Award for Students and Instructors awarded honorable mentions to Madison Stevens, student, and Aoise Stratford, instructor, for “A Portfolio of Essays by Madison Stevens” and to Liuging Albert Zhang, student, and Emily Oliver, instructor, for “English 1170, Short Stories.”

The Expository Writing Prize was awarded to Merna Y. Abouelmaaty for “I Am Not Grateful.”

The James F. Slevin Assignment Sequence Prize was awarded to Carly Faye Summers for “Symbiotic Associations in Nature.” Honorable mention was awarded to Hannah Byland for “Writing Chaucer’s World.”

The John S. Knight Award for Writing Exercises and Handouts went to Hannah Byland for “Analyze.”

The Writing in the Majors Award went to Melis Schildkraut for “Early Adversity, Cognition, and Intervention.” Honorable mentions went to Samuel Doernberg for “Why We Are Obese” and Max Witynski for “Dozen Haiku (‘Where do I fit in the world?’).”


The Latina/o Studies Program award for outstanding work in the Latina/o Studies undergraduate minor, community engagement and academic achievement went to Emily Tavarez.


Department teaching awards, which recognize the importance of faculty and graduate students in the teaching and learning of mathematics, were awarded to senior faculty member Yuri Berest, junior faculty David Zywina, and graduate students Wayne Uy and Drew Zemke.

The Robert John Battig Graduate Prize for excellence and promise in mathematics was awarded to Balázs Elek and Aaron Palmer.

The Eleanor Norton York Award for achievements to date in mathematics went to Iian Smythe.

The Hutchinson Fellowship for outstanding work as teaching assistants or as students in the graduate program was awarded to Kristen Pueschel.

The Harry S. Kieval Prize in Mathematics was awarded to three undergraduate mathematics majors: Louis Brown, Max Hallgren, and Benjamin Sung.


The Ellen Gussman Adelson Prize, which rewards and encourages outstanding Cornell students excelling in instrumental music performance, went to Matthew Hall, Stephanie Lozina, Lizzy Lyon, Ryan McCullough, David Miller, Sergio Ospina Romaro, Zoe Weiss and Andrew Zhou.

The John James Blackmore Prize was awarded to Ellen Hong and Stacey Joo.

The H.A. Falconer Memorial Scholarship, which assists talented undergraduates in studying voice, went to Ben Salinas and Sydney Hertafeld.

The Otto R. Stahl Memorial Award, which honors a graduate composer for an excellent Festival Chamber Orchestra concert, went to Canbekir Bilir and Charlie Peck.

The Barbara Troxell Vocal Music Award, for outstanding vocal students who evidence professional musical interests, went to Scott Hare, Colette Roberto and Sanjana Thirumalai.

The Donald J. Grout Memorial Prize, for recognition of exceptional dissertations, went to Mike Lee.


The Language Awards for excellence in Arabic went to Anthony Lin, Isabel Morgan Obregon, Nur K. Sultan, Mwangi Mark Thuita, Anne Elizabeth Riley, and
Trevor Thomas Marrero.

The Language Award for excellence in Persian went to Leah Rose Hoffman.

The Language Award for excellence in Turkish went to Thomas Howard Scheffler.

The Language Award for excellence in Hebrew went to Hannah Rubenstein, Lena Esther Eskin, and Samuel Jay Barnett.


The Robert R. Capranica Award for outstanding undergraduate honors thesis in neuroethology went to Ian Pengra (laboratory of Dr. Andrew Bass) and Alexander Farhang (laboratory of Dr. Jesse Goldberg). 

The Miriam M. Salpeter Award for outstanding undergraduate honors thesis in neurobiology went to Kaitlyn Krebushevski (laboratory of Dr. David Deitcher) and Tori Riccelli (laboratory of Dr. Jesse Goldberg). 

The Cynthia Kagarise Sherman Award for outstanding undergraduate honors thesis in behavior went to Madeleine Ostwald (laboratory of Dr. Thomas Seeley) and David Weber (laboratory of Dr. Walter Koenig). 

Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Awards went to: Julie Miller for BIONB 2210 Introduction to Behavior, Nirav Patel for BIOG 1500 Investigative Biology Laboratory, and David Peck and Glenn Stamps for BIOG 1440 Introduction to Comparative Physiology.


Three seniors tied for the 2016 Drama Book Shop Award:  Steven Blasberg, Anna Alison Brenner and Brian Murphy. 

The Marvin Carlson Award for 2016 went to Kristen Wright for “The Killing of My Mother I Shall Claim Myself:  Adrienne Kennedy’s Electra and Orestes, Aeschylus’ Oresteia, and the Question of Justice.”  Honorable Mention went to Stephen Low for “The Liberating Theatrical Femininity of Nina Arsenault.” 

Worman Scholarships of $3,000 each were awarded to PMA undergraduates Olivia Atlas, Alex Rehberg and Kimberly Scarsella.

The Heermans-McCalmon Annual Playwriting Awards went to:  junior Kiki Hosie (tied for first place, screenwriting) for her screenplay “The Mods”; junior Emma Sassoon (tied for first place, screenwriting) for her screenplay, “In Mourning”; sophomore Deborah Poznansky (first place, stage plays) for her play “Shoebox”; and senior Brian Murphy (second place, stage plays) for his play “A Work of No Man.”  


The Program on Ethics and Public Life’s annual awards in honor of Robert S. Hatfield ’37 to support research and study of ethics in business went to Ejeb Dema to support participation in a forum in Washington, D.C. on issues of privacy raised by information technology, and to Lin Fu to support participation in a conference on agribusiness in Bangkok.


The Yennie Prize in Physics, for a senior student majoring in physics who shows unusual promise for future contributions to physics research and who intends to earn a doctorate, went to Ivaylo Madjarov and Venkatesa Chandrasekaran.

The Kieval Prize in Physics, awarded to senior physics students who demonstrate unusual promise for future contributions to physics research, went to Ian MacCormack.

The Hartman Prize in Physics and Applied Engineering and Physics, awarded to recognize outstanding work in experimental physics by an undergraduate in either program, went to Sarah Marie Bruno.

The Douglas Fitchen Memorial Award, in support of student travel abroad to study, pursue research, or participate in international physics-related events held outside the United States, went to graduate students John Stout, Sina Bahrami, James Maniscalco, Simon Loewe, and Yu-dai Tsai.

The Albert Silverman Memorial Award, in support of travel by graduate students in high energy physics, went to graduate students Steven Full and Dan Quach.

The Stirling A. Colgate Award, in support of enhanced excellence in physics/astrophysics, went to graduate student Salvator Lombardo. 

The Boochever Fellowship from the Boochever family went to Wee Hao Ng for spring 2016.  

The Rao Fellowship, endowed by Professor and Mrs. Vithala Rao in honor of his late brother, is given to an international student to help encourage study in the U.S. and to recognize their accomplishments. This year’s recipient is graduate student Meera Ramaswamy.


The J.G. White Spanish Scholarship was awarded to Bjorn Gunnar Bjornsson and Carolyn Pascale.

The J.G. White Prize for Excellence in Spanish was awarded to Andy Alfonso and Joshua Popp.

The J.G. White Prize for Excellence in English was awarded to Oscar Rieveling.

The J. G. White Spanish Prize for an engineering student was awarded to Kevin Keene and Anna Doyle.

The Ted Morris Prize was awarded to Isabelle De Brabanter and Dana Steinwall.

The Romance Studies Outstanding Performance as a Graduate Teaching Assistant Award went to Elise Finielz and Martina Broner.

The Carolina Corson French Prize was awarded to undergraduates Stacy Ndlovu and Lucy Whiteley and to graduate students Vincent Guimiot and Pauline Goul.


The Abraham ‘Zito’ Boczkowski Award for Outstanding Teaching by a Graduate Student went to Jessica Polk.

The Sheila Jasanoff Prize for Academic Excellence in Science & Technology Studies, for the best graduate student paper within the previous three semesters, was awarded to Sahar Tavakoli for her essay entitled “Rear Window: Reconsidering the Clinic from the Perspective of the Patient Gown.”


The Leo Meltzer Award, celebrating the contributions of former Professor Leo Meltzer, is for the best undergraduate thesis in the field of social psychology, broadly defined.  The award went to Jennifer Chun for her thesis “Under the Knife: The Social Pressures and Influences of Plastic Surgery on Second-Generation Korean American Women.”

The Robert Wertheimer Award honors the continuing contributions of former sociology major Robert Wertheimer and is for the best thesis outside the field of social psychology.  The award went to Christie Abel for her thesis “Renegotiating Privacy, Audience and Self-Presentation: A Sociological Study of Snapchat Users.”

The Department Citation for Excellence in Teaching went to Paul Muniz.

The Robin M. Williams, Jr. Best Paper Award for the best graduate student paper went to Lucas Drouhot.

The Robert McGinnis Best Paper Award for the best graduate student paper went to Antonio (Tony) Sirianni.

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