Biology & Society - Fall 2022 Course Offerings

I. Introductory Courses:

II. Foundation Courses:

a. Ethics:

b. Social sciences/humanities foundation:

History of science:

Philosophy of science:

Sociology of science:

Politics of science:

Science communication:

Literature and science:

Anthropology of science, medicine, and environment:

c. Biology foundation (breadth)

Anatomy and physiology:

Animal behavior:

Biochemistry, molecular and cell biology:

Biological diversity:

Genetics and development:



d. Biology foundation (depth):

One biology course for which one of the above (2c) is a prerequisite.

e. Statistics:

III. Core Courses:

IV. Theme:

a. Natural science issues/biology elective:

b. Humanities/social science elective:

c. Senior seminars:

V. Other Courses:


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