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Malte Ziewitz

Assistant Professor and Mills Family Faculty Fellow


Professor Malte Ziewitz studies the politics and practicalities of evaluation, governance, and accountability in digitally networked environments -- the dynamics at work, the values at stake, the design options at hand. His recent work explores evaluative practice in healthcare and search engine optimization (SEO); algorithmic ordering; the history and performativity of internet governance; and computational approaches to privacy. As Principal Investigator, he headed the ESRC-funded "How's My Feedback?" project, a collaborative design experiment to rethink and evaluate online review and rating websites.


  • Science and Technology Studies

Graduate Fields

  • Information Science
  • Science and Technology Studies



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  • Barocas, S., Hood, S. and M. Ziewitz (2013). Governing algorithms: A provocation piece. Discussion paper for Governing Algorithms conference, May 16-17, 2013.
  • Ziewitz, M. and I. Brown (2013). A prehistory of internet governance. In Research Handbook on Governance of the Internet, ed I. Brown, 3-26. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.
  • Ziewitz, M. (2011). How to attend to screens? Technology, ontology and precarious enactments. Encounters 4(2): 203-228.
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