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Steve Jackson on consumers' rights to "fair repair"

In a recent op-ed, Steve Jackson, associate professor in the departments of Information Science and STS, asked the question, "Who should have the right and resources to fix the things we have and use in our lives?"   In this article, he discusses the recent efforts of states to pass "fair repair" legislation, giving consumers reasonable access to such resources. 

"Of course firms should have the right to protect hard-won intellectual property and trade secrets...But how far should these rights extend?​"

Read the entire Times Union piece here.



2018 Summer Course Offerings 

Professor Suman Seth will offer two courses this summer: Introduction to the History of Medicine and Science in Western Civiization: Newton to Darwin, Darwin to Einstein.  The first is an introductory survey of the history of medicine from classical antiquity to the early 20th century. The course will consider such themes as race, bodily difference, and medicine; medicine and the environment; women, gender, and medicine; the history of the body and the history of sexuality.  The second course tackles the historical structure and development of modern science and sciences as cultural phenomena.  For more information about both courses, see the link here: