Meredith Alberta Palmer

Cornell Presidential Postdoctoral Fellow


Meredith Palmer is a postdoctoral associate in the Department of Science & Technology Studies at Cornell where she is hosted by Professor Suman Seth and is also hosted by Dr. Jolene Rickard through the American Indian and Indigenous Studies Program. Meredith's postdoctoral work explores notions of consent and refusal in the biomedical context from and Indigenous feminist and Haudenosaunee perspectives, and will construct a critical understanding of the historic conditions of possibility that have given rise to Indigenous data sovereignty initiatives. She received her PhD in Geography from UC Berkeley in 2020, and MPH from UC Berkeley's School of Public Health in 2015. Meredith received her BS from Cornell University, in Development Sociology. 

Research Focus

  • Technologies and techniques of occupation
  • Race, space, and colonialism
  • Critical Indigenous data studies
  • Indigenous geography



Meredith Alberta Palmer, “Rendering settler sovereign landscapes: race and property in the Empire State.” (2020), Environment and Planning D: Society and Space.
Melinda Garcia, Gayle Skawen:nio Morse, Shelby Loft, and Meredith Alberta Palmer. “Competent Discernment: A Case Study”, in Understanding Indigenous Perspectives in Psychology. (2020).
Meredith A. Palmer, review of “Diagnosing the Legacy: The Discovery, Research, and Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes in Indigenous Youth” by Larry Krotz, Aboriginal Policy Studies, 7(2) (January 2019)