**Important Information on Wait Lists for Spring Courses**

Mon, 12/07/2020

Please see the wait list plan for our Spring STS courses below. Once a course has met its maximum capacity (either during pre-enrollment or add/drop), students can be added to the manual wait-list, or add themselves to the online wait-list through Student Center.  


4040- Malte Ziewitz (mcz35) **Enrollment into this course is by application only and has “Instructor” add consent. Students must contact Professor Ziewitz to fill out an application, then they will be given a permission number to enroll on their own through student center if and when their application is approved.**

4650- Kim Overby (kjo46) **Please forward student add inquiries to Sara Hatfield (smh388).**


1102- Rachel Prentice (rep35)

2061- Juno Parreñas (parrenas@cornell.edu)

2071- Suman Seth (ss536)

2381- Sara Pritchard (sbp65)

3011- Noah Tamarkin (ntamarkin@cornell.edu)

3181- Rebecca Slayton (rs849)

3440- Co-taught by Sarah Sachs (s.e.sachs@cornell.edu), Malte Ziewitz and Steve Hilgartner. **Sarah Sachs is the main contact person for the course.**

3561- Malte Ziewitz (mcz35)

4280- Hannah LeBlanc (hfl22)

6261- Sara Pritchard (sbp65)

6301- Rachel Prentice (rep35)

7201- Steve Hilgartner (shh6)

image of wait list