Announcing S&TS Graduate Field Prizes for 2020

Wed, 05/20/2020

The S&TS Graduate Field has two prizes for students: the Abraham Zito Boczkowski Award for excellence in teaching and the Sheila Jasanoff Prize for Academic Excellence, which is given for a paper. Both are supported by Dr. Pablo Boczkowski, who received his PhD from our Field and currently is Professor of Communication Studies at Northwestern University. The S&TS Field greatly appreciates Pablo's generosity in helping our students gain recognition for excellent work.

Ellen Abrams received the Abraham Zito Boczkowski Award for the outstanding teaching portfolio she submitted, which included supportive faculty letters, student evaluations and comment, and course materials from a Freshmen Writing Seminar she convened on Knowledge, Power, and Mathematics, a summer school course on Science, Technology & Politics, and TAships for two large undergraduate courses: Ethics in Health & Medicine and Ethics & Environment. All these materials demonstrated both organizational skills and creative design of classes and assignments, which were strongly appreciated by the students in the courses and sections she taught.

Chris Hesselbein received the Sheila Jasanoff Prize for his paper, "Walking the Catwalk: From Dressed Body to Dressed Embodiment," which was published in 2019 in Fashion Theory: The journal of dress, body and culture. His paper was based on ethnographic research in the New York fashion industry, and lucidly described how models develop techniques of the body to manage the hazards and pressures of walking the catwalk in high-heeled shoes.

We are happy to be able to congratulate Ellen and Chris as they prepare to complete their PhDs during these difficult and uncertain times.

Morrill Hall