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Science Studies Reading Group

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All sessions will be held on Mondays, 12:15 - 1:15pm in room 423 Morrill Hall.

Spring 2020

January 27 Donny Persaud
How the Ferry Brings ‘Time from Away’: Infrastructure and the Clash of Place-based Temporal Logics in Rural Newfoundland & Labrador
February 3 No SSRG
February 10     Jason Ludwig
Winning the Right to Know: Toxic Politics in the Post-War United States
February 17 No SSRG
February 24 February Break-No SSRG
March 2 Andrew Moisey
Taking Measurements, Taking Pictures: British Empirical Science and the Deep Origins of Photography
March 9 Sarah Sachs
The Algorithm at Work: The Reconfiguration of Work and Expertise in the Making of Similarity in Art Data
March 16 Cat Coyle
Dead Media Necronauts: Paleontologies of Media at the Height of Internet Optimism
March 23 Wanheng Hu
Machine Doctors in the Making: Cultivating Expertise, Credibility, and Accountability of Emerging Medical AI Tools in China
March 30 Spring Break-No SSRG
April 6 Jiuheng He
‘Move 37’: Discursive Moves in Understanding AlphaGo
April 13 Amanda Domingues
Invoking the Dead: Archaeological Practices Through STS Lenses
April 20 Lisa Avron
Oracles of Climate Change
April 27 Hannah LeBlanc
The Global Protein Gap: What Makes a Nutrient Charismatic? 
May 4 Melina Antonakaki
Scientists Engaging 'Misconduct Investigations' in Order to Dispute Cultural Boundaries: a Post311 constitution of Science in Japan (2012-2016)