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Science Studies Reading Group

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All sessions will be held on Mondays, 12:15 - 1:15pm in room 423 Morrill Hall.

Fall 2019

September 9 Emma Kowal, Professor of Anthropology at the Alfred Deakin Institute and Convener of the Science and Society Network at Deakin University
Indigenous Physiology: Metabolism, Cold Tolerance, Hibernation and the ‘Racial Factor'  ***Special Time: 3:30pm***
September 16 Marco Beretta
Politics, Science and Display: A Geohistory of Lavoisier's Collections (1794-1994)
September 23      Helene Sorgner
Crafting Careers in Large Collaborations: Early-career Researchers in Experimental Particle Physics
September 30 Mehmet Ekinci
Chambers of Fertility: Historical Trajectories of Growth Practices in Plant and Soil Sciences
October 7 Jeffrey Mathias
In the Province of the Mind: John C. Lily and the Ends of Communication
October 14 Fall Break
October 21 Nathan Matias
Remaking the Power of Social Experiments in Everyday Life
October 28 Diane Bailey
University Audit Cultures and Opaque Metrics: The New Technologies of Control
November 4 Mascha Gugganig
Learnscapes, and Other Forms of ʻBeing Educated’ on Land and GMOs on Kauaʻi
November 11 Emily Vazquez
"When Carlos Slim Speaks, Mexico Listens": The Push for Personalized Public Health in Mexico
November 18 Mackenzie Cooley
The Breeding Revolution: Renaissance Eugenics and the Invention of Race
November 25 Jen Liu
Internet of Dirt: Understanding Challenges of Adoption and Maintenance of Digital Agriculture Technologies
December 2 Tien Dung Ha
December 9 Derek Taylor Parrott
Harm Reduction and Knowledge Politics of the Opioid Epidemic