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Abrams, Ellen (
Social, intellectual, and institutional history of modern mathematics; emerging fields of study and the development of knowledge communities; pedagogy, craft, and identity in the practice of theoretical sciences.

Avron, Lisa (
Anthropology of nature-culture, human and non-human politics, environmental history, politics of environmental knowledge production, the production and management of risk and crisis among marginalized populations, environmental justice, critical intersectional feminism and race theory, queer theory, critiques of late-liberalism and neoliberalism, South Florida, the Everglades.

Cheatle, Amy (
Anthropology of Human-Robot Interaction, craft and computation, machinic embodiments.

Cheung, Shoan Yin (
Her research examines the global uptake of reproductive technologies through the case of the birth control pill's late introduction to Japan in 1999. Her fieldwork, supported by grants from the National Science Foundation (2017) and Toshiba International Foundation (2017), uses ethnographic methods at the intersection of STS and East Asian medical humanities. She completed advanced Japanese training at Stanford's 10-month program at the Inter-University Center for Japanese Language Studies in Yokohama on a Nippon Foundation Fellowship (2016-2017), and previously attended Columbia's Kyoto Consortium for Japanese Studies (2012); she is also proficient in Chinese and French.

Clarke, Brian (
Infrastructure studies; surveillance studies; history of technology; history of computing; governmentality; political theory; technology and utopian projects.

Coyle, Cat (
Cultural history of media and communication; history of technology; history of computing; media archaeology; material culture; race and gender in new media; disability and technology.

Deutsh, Shoshana (
Politics of sensory knowledges; underground STS across seismicity, earthquakes, and mining; theories of the body and embodiment in relation to environments; sensory studies at the intersection of STS and anthropology; social theory; environmental history; anthropology of the body; anthropology of mining; biopolitics of risk and care; multispecies studies; science fiction; feminist science studies  

Domingues, Amanda (  
My current project is a critical analysis of archaeologists' work and archaeological practices. I am interested in notions of the body, issues of gender and race, heritage and museum practices. Additional research interests include animal, postcolonial, and feminist studies, and critical race theory.

Ekinci, Mehmet (
Sociology and anthropology of science-technology; laboratory studies; intellectual histories of life sciences, biomedicine, biotechnology and bioinformatics; social and critical theory; economics of science; new institutionalism; public engagement with science; science journalism; science fiction and STS.

Ha, Dung (
​Social studies of health and medicine; cancer clinical genomics; health communication; information communication technologies; making of selves, identities, and the bodies in postgenomics era

Harrison, Rebecca (
Intersection of science communication with governance, political controversy, and the construction of knowledge; public engagement and public understanding of science; politics of expertise; risk and scientization; political economy and emerging technologies, especially agricultural biotechnology.

He, Jiuheng (
Emerging technology; social construction of technology; artificial intelligence; social media; scientism and modernization of China; sociology of scientific knowledge.

Hesselbein, Christopher (
Social construction of technology; anthropology of everyday life; taste-making; material culture studies; aesthetics of technology; anthropology of skill; tacit knowledge; fashion, textile, and clothing.

Hu, Wanheng (
Scientism; the circulation of biomedical knowledge and health behaviors; expert knowledge and policy-making; scientific controversies in public arena; risk construction and management; the transformation of local knowledge/traditional craftsmanship in the context of modernization; transnational flow of knowledge and technology; social history of science in modern China

Kagliwal, Barkha (
Science and Technology Studies, Healthcare, Valuation, Politics of Knowledge, Economic Sociology, Postcolonial STS

Lehner, Lisa (
Anthropology of biomedicine and infectious diseases; theories of the body and embodiment; political, economic, and ethical dimensions of global pharmaceutical markets and their local implications; therapeutic infrastructures and the politics of public health; regimes of care.

Lorenz, Lissette (
Nuclear energy and peace studies; environmental history; Japan's history with the atom from WWII to Fukushima; ethnography of science

Lumumba-Kasongo, Enongo (
Gender disparities in digital music networks, and the pedagogy of digital music.

Mathias, Jeffrey (
Cultural history of media and technology; history of the human sciences; sound studies; material culture studies; history of cybernetics.

Parrott, Derek (
My research interests revolve around how people understand and negotiate categories such as "success/failure" and "problem/solution. In particular, I am interested in the necessarily future-oriented nature of a promised-but-not-yet-realized solution to a problem in the present. In my master's and early PhD work, I explored these categories by asking how advocates of nuclear fusion energy research have framed it as a solution to various social, political, and environmental problems. Moving forward, I am interested in exploring how people living with addiction make sense of their "problem" and solutions for it. I am especially interested in engaging with the affective dimensions of this case and the interplay between hope, fear, imagination, and memory.

Polk, Jessica (
My research stands at the intersection of the sociology of health and medicine, the information sciences and infrastructure studies. Broadly, I am interested in: medical expertise and the 'informed patient,’ as well as online health data sharing systems— looking at how digital spaces and wearable technologies (such as FitBit) facilitate new ecosystems of health information production and consumption. Currently, my dissertation research focuses on the use of participatory technologies in corporate health and wellness programs and the sharing and collecting of health information and behaviors between employee and employer in organizational settings.

Price, Jessica (
History of early modern English demonology and witchcraft; early modern intellectual culture; early modern England; science, empire and race

Singh, Ranjit (
Current research focuses on conceptualization, implementation, and deployment of India's biometrics-based identity infrastructure, Aadhaar. Other interests include sociology and history of technology (with a focus on information technology); infrastructure studies; relationship between law and STS; history of statistical thinking and practices of counting; ethnomethodology; biometrics and identity politics; history of STS; and politics of expertise and knowledge. View his webpage here

Tavakoli, Sahar (
Material culture studies, performativity, sociology of medicine and medical technology, identity and gender in relation to clinical technologies/spaces/practices, commonplace/invisible/mundane artifacts in technological spaces.