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Abrams, Ellen (
Social, intellectual, and institutional history of modern mathematics; emerging fields of study and the development of knowledge communities; pedagogy, craft, and identity in the practice of theoretical sciences.

Avron, Lisa (

Cheung, Shoan Yin (
History of public health, race, and eugenics in Japan and East Asia; nationalism and the construction of scientific knowledge; gender and the scientific management of bodies.

Clarke, Brian (
Infrastructure studies; surveillance studies; history of technology; history of computing; governmentality; political theory; technology and utopian projects.

Deutsh, Shoshana (
Environmental decision-making and traditional knowledges; politics of expertise and risk; social movements and comparative politics; emerging technologies; techno-utopianism 

Ekinci, Mehmet (
Sociology of knowledge and practice; globalization of clinical trial projects; politics of expertise; intellectual history of science, biomedicine and life sciences; thinking about STS in Turkey, the Global South and Eastern Europe.

Harrison, Rebecca (
Intersection of science communication with governance, political controversy, and the construction of knowledge; public engagement and public understanding of science; politics of expertise; risk and scientization; political economy and emerging technologies, especially agricultural biotechnology.

Hesselbein, Christopher (
Social construction of technology; anthropology of everyday life; taste-making; material culture studies; aesthetics of technology; anthropology of skill; tacit knowledge; fashion, textile, and clothing.

Kagliwal, Barkha (
Science and Technology Studies, Healthcare, Valuation, Politics of Knowledge, Economic Sociology, Postcolonial STS

Lehner, Lisa (
Anthropology of biomedicine and infectious diseases; theories of the body and embodiment; political, economic, and ethical dimensions of global pharmaceutical markets and their local implications; therapeutic infrastructures and the politics of public health; regimes of care.

Lumumba-Kasongo, Enongo (
Gender disparities in digital music networks, and the pedagogy of digital music.

Mathias, Jeffrey (
Digital media; infrastructure studies; affect; material culture studies; media theory; history and ethnography of the senses.

Parrott, Derek (
I'm interested in exploring the rhetorical strategies and discursive infrastructures at play in the justification of big science and uncertain or "risky" research projects, as well as how the changing context of the post-Cold War world affects research practices, policy, and discourses.  My Master's researc focused on the U.S.'s involvement in international nuclear fusion energy collaborations.

Polk, Jessica (

Price, Jessica (
History of early modern English demonology and witchcraft; early modern intellectual culture; early modern England; science, empire and race

Singh, Ranjit (
Current research focuses on conceptualization, implementation, and deployment of India's biometrics-based identity infrastructure, Aadhaar. Other interests include sociology and history of technology (with a focus on information technology); infrastructure studies; relationship between law and STS; history of statistical thinking and practices of counting; ethnomethodology; biometrics and identity politics; history of STS; and politics of expertise and knowledge. 

Staiti, Alana (
History of technology; body studies; cultural history of 20th c. United States; fashion studies; museum studies

Tavakoli, Sahar (
Material culture studies, performativity, sociology of medicine and medical technology, identity and gender in relation to clinical technologies/spaces/practices, commonplace/invisible/mundane artifacts in technological spaces.

Tolwinski, Kasia (
Social studies of the life sciences; neuroscience; genetics and epigenetics; gene-environment interaction; health and socioeconomic status; policy

Walker, Alexis (
Postcolonial STS, medical anthropology, organizational ethnography, design ethnography, Caribbean studies, development studies, history and politics of global health, race and gender in science and medicine; PhD dissertation analyzes project design of World Bank public health programs through multi-sited ethnography in Guyana and Washington, DC